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Zeri Counters – How To Play Against Zeri?

Zeri will be the 158th champion of League of Legends game very soon. We shared with you what we know about Zeri champion. In our current post, we want to tell you how to play against Zeri. Zeri counters and how to play against Zeri…

Zeri Counters - How To Play Against Zeri?
Zeri Counters – How To Play Against Zeri?

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Zeri Counters

We will examine Zeri counters under three different headings. S tier Zeri counters, A tier counters and B tier counters…

S Tier Zeri Counters

The easiest way to stop Zeri is to reach her as quickly as possible.

Yasuo: Yasuo challenges Zeri just as he challenges all other marksmen. He can kill marksmen after a single knock up. A hundred percent critical hit is a nightmare for fragile champions.

Zed: Zed is a typical assassin, he can kill any marksmen.

Malphite: Being both a tank and an engager, Malphite can make mobile marksmen offended by the game.

Leona: Leona has the power to do to Zeri the same thing she can do to Kalista. She can single-handedly kill a marksman if she is using the flash and q ability combo instead of using first her e skill.

A Tier Counters

Seraphine: Area-controlling champions block mobile marksmen. So you can use Seraphine in bot lane.

Malzahar: Malzahar has the potential to kill all champions in the game with one ability. Sure, if he reaches.

Trundle: Trundle is powerful enough to stop mobile marksmen. At least he forces them to use their dash skills.

Nocturne: Nocturne both very powerful and an assassin. No other words are needed.

B Tier Counters

Nasus: Nasus w counter champions that all movement speed and attack speed. However, we recommend playing Nasus as ability power, as Zeri is very mobile.

Rammus: Rammus can be played against all marksmen.

Akali: If you are dealing with very mobile marksmen, it might make sense to pick a more mobile assassin.

How To Play Against Zeri?

The easiest way to play against Zeri is to force her to use her dash and start a fight while her dash is on cooldown. Defeating Zeri in the lane is about manipulating the minion waves. If you menage to push the minions on her, you can win the lane and win the game before Zeri reaches the desired power.

Mobile champions are very hard to avoid. That’s why it is very important that you engage for fight yourself. If you are unable to fight, your team must have a disengage ability (Janna, Gragas, Thresh et.) Otherwise, Zeri will surely catch up with you.





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