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Will PUBG Lite Come Back?

PUBG is one of the most played battle royale games in the world. We are jumping on a small island with a large group. After that it is very simple, loot and survive. If PUBG is such a good game, why do we need PUBG Lite? So, we need to know that, will PUBG Lite come back?

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PUBG will be free soon, so at least there are such rumors. But for now, the price is too much for some players. But is it enough to save some money and purchase the game? No way. If you really want to play PUBG in quality, you require a high-end computer. Unfortunately, not everyone has a chance to have such a computer. That’s why we have PUBG Lite;

The PUBG Lite team has brought the game to a level that will work on almost any computer. And a good new, PUBG Lite is completely free.

Will PUBG Lite Come Back?
Will PUBG Lite Come Back?

Will PUBG Lite Come Back?

There are rumors these days that PUBG Lite will reopen. PUBG Lite team didn’t make a new statement about these rumors. For now, we do not think that PUBG Lite will reopen, but we know that many players are curious about this question. If there is an announcement, we will share with you as soon as possible.

If you want to read the announcement, you can click here.

Why Was PUBG PC Lite Close?

PUBG Lite team thanked all the players on April 29 and announced that they closed the servers. Although they did not explain the exact reason for the closing of the game, they apologized to the players and reported that this perfect journey has come to an end.

We are very sorry that you are not able to play PUBG Lite PC. We hope you can play PUBG when it is free. Stay tuned to find out when PUBG will be free.





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