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Why Is Pokemon Go Trading Disabled?

Why is Pokemon Go trading disabled, many people searching these question. Pokemon Go players know how valuable the trading system is. But there is a glitch in the game recently, the trading system is disabled. Why is Pokemon Go trading system closed, is there an official explanation, when will it able, we will try to answer all your questions about Pokemon Go trading news.

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Why Is Pokemon Go Trading Disabled?
Why Is Pokemon Go Trading Disabled?

Why Is Pokemon Go Trading Disabled?

A bug recently occurred in the Pokemon Go trading system. Each time the players traded, they got the best prize they could win. To fix this error, first of all, the trade system was turned of by the Niantic Support team.

When the error is fixed, the trading will be able, but as we understand from the explanations, this problem may take a while. Players losses will be compensated when the problem is resolved, we advise you to be ready.

We shared with you the official statement of Niantic Support.

Pokemon Go Trade Button Gone

Players who log into Pokemon Go to trade are surprised to find that there is no trade button. This button, which is among the most searched for in the Google trends list, is still not in the vote.

If you still can’t see the trade button, the problem is not with you or it’s not permanent. When Niantic solves the problem, you can continue trading where you left off.

Why Can I Not Trade In Pokemon Go?

Currently, you cannot trade in Pokemon Go because the Pokemon Go trading system has been disabled. Due to a bug in the game, the trading system will remain closed for a little longer. We are following their official accounts to find out when it will open.

How Long Do You Have To Wait To Trade A Pokemon In Pokemon Go?

You should wait untill the support team fixed the problem. When it maintenance, which we don’t know exactly how long, is over, you can continue to trade.

If you are talking about the cooldown when there is no maintenance, you should wait one day for the pokemon you have discovered and two days for the pokemon you have not discovered.

How Many Times Can You Trade Per Day In Pokemon Go?

Trading is very important for Pokemon Go players. Players wonder how many trades they can make per day. If you are wondering how many trades you can make in a day, you can do 100 trades per day.





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