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Why Did JiDion Get Banned On Twitch?

Twitch has been reacting to the ban policy they have implemented recently. The first victim of the new ban wave was JiDion. So why was JiDion banned from Twitch, who is JiDion. We will share with you every information about why he was banned from JiDion and Twitch.

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Why Did JiDion Get Banned On Twitch?
Why Did JiDion Get Banned On Twitch?

Why Did JiDion Get Banned On Twitch?

JiDion is a Youtuber with millions of followers. After this successful work on Youtube, he started to open Twitch broadcasts regularly on January 11. JiDion, who found success on the Twitch platform as soon as he started broadcasting regularly, had been a Twitch partner from the very first days.

Unfortunately, everything did not go so well for JiDion. They started arguing again with Pokimane, whom he had discussed before. Things got worse for everyone as followers of both sides joined the discussion. So why did JiDion get banned on Twitch?

Why Did JiDion Get Banned From Twitch?

A larger group of Twitch users logged into a broadcast of Pokimane at the same time. It is said that this community, which heavily criticizes Pokimane, is JiDion followers and even JiDion specifically send it. In response to what was written on the Pokimane chat, she defended herself by saying, I hope you will be banned.

JiDion did not deny the accusations and continued to criticize Pokimane.

JiDion Banned On Twitch

JiDion was banned from Twitch for 2 weeks as of January 13. JiDion’s ban will be released on January 28th. However, as JiDion continues to make harsh statements on his social media accounts, the ban period may increase.

As if all this controversy weren’t enough, JiDion replaced his Twitter profile picture with a no-makeup picture of Pokimane. JiDion, who was reacted by female viewers, did not give up on her decision.

Things got even more complicated when some people thought this was all planned. We tried to share with you all that is known about this topic. We will continue to update our post.





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