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Who Should I Give The Silver To AC Valhalla?

Who should i give the silver to AC Valhalla? There are decisions you can make in the missions in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla game. The decisions you make change the course of the game, sometimes big, somitimes small. In this post, we will talk about who should you give the silver to AC Valhalla. Because many player are asking this question recantly, who should i give the silver to AC Valhalla?

Who Should I Give The Silver To AC Valhalla?
Who Should I Give The Silver To AC Valhalla?

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Who Should I Give The Silver To AC Valhalla?

The reason who should i give the silver to AC Valhalla is often asked because there are many characters in the game that we can give silver to. Players are very curious about which of these options is more logical to choose and what is choice will bring them in the future.

Characters to which you can give silver; Lady Angharad, Ynyr, Gwriad, Ivarr, Eivor

Giving The Silver To Lady Angharad

If you decide to give the silver to the Lady Angharad, the Lady’s husband will not accept the silvers. But Lady Angharad asks you to donate the silver to the treasury of the kingdom and promises to help you in return. In fact, you will not earn much for the silver you give to the Lady. The item she will give you is worthless, you will not see Lady Angharad much in the continuation of the story.

When Lady Angharad takes the silver, Ivar gets angry and stars a big war. You have no chance to prevent the war, the Lady will not die in the war, but all her soldiers will die.

If you are really want a reward that is worth your effort, we don’t recommend choosing this option.

Giving The Silver To Ivarr

Ivarr is trying every possible way to start a war. If you don’t want war as Eivor, you can try to make Ivarr happy. The easiest way to make Ivarr happy is to give him these silvers.

Unfortunately, even if you give all the silver, Ivarr will start the war. It will even fight against you later in the game. It doesn’t make such sense to give the silver Ivarr as you don’t have a chance to fix or change this situation.

Giving The Silver To Ynyr

Ynyr will say that the he wants the money for the kingdom, just like Lady Angharad, and will talk to the king for you in return for you to give him the silver. But Ynyr’s main goal is to keep the silver for himself.

As a result, Ivarr starts a war again, Ynyr becomes your enemy and you have to fight ahead. You get nothing in return for giving the silver to Ynyr.

Giving The Silver To Gwriad

Gwriad offers to kill Rhodri and seize the throne in exchange for giving him the silver. If you don’t like Rhodri it won’t sound like a bad idea.

Again and again Ivarr stars a war, this time killing Gwriad first. While this looks bad for you, it could be an opportunity, you can get 650 silver back from Gwriad because he is dead now. This is the best option if you want to get the money for yourself without lying and looking greedy.

Keep The Silver Eivor

Lying and taking the silver for yourself still does not prevent war. You gain 650 silver but now you live as a liar.

Regardless of what choice you make, Ivarr will start a war.

We try to help you about who should i give the silver to AC Valhalla.





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