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Who Owns Discord?

Discord users are wondering who owns Discord. Discord, one of the most used applications in the world, is the favorite of all game lovers. The producer, who observed the shortcomings of programs such as TeamSpeak very well, came up with an almost perfect program and was appreciated by all of us.

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Who Owns Discord?
Who Owns Discord?

Who Owns Discord?

Discord doesn’t exactly have an owner. But to name a few, Jason Citron is the producer of the show and is currently a Discord employee in two different position. Jason Citron remains both the CEO and CO-Founder of Discord.

Is Discord Privately Owned?

We cannot say yes or no to this question. In fact, Discord does not have a clear owner, but if we need to give a name again, we can say Jason Citron.

Is Discord Owned By A Chinese Company?

Here we have a clear answer to this question, no. Discord is not a Chinese company. But one of Discord’s biggest sponsors is a Chinese company. The huge economic support provided by the Chinese company certainly played a role in Discord’s success.

We tried to inform you about Discord ownership. We hope that we were able to give a good answer to your question, who owns Discord.





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