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Who Makes League of Legends?

Who makes League of Legends? League of Legends is one of the most important games that introduced competitive games and e-sports to the world. People are wondering this question, ho makes League of Legends, which has a constantly increasing fan base since the day you come out. Who is in charge of such a big project? You may not like League of Legends but you shouldn’t deny what it adds to the game world.

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Who Makes League of Legends?
Who Makes League of Legends?

Who Makes League of Legends?

If you are wondering who makes League of Legends, we are here to give you the answer. League of Legends game was reveloped and continues to be developed by Riot Games. League of Legends which is constantly updated, has a large fan base. It was originaly published on Octaber 27, 2009. League of Legends, which has been compared to games like DOTA since its release, has been on the winning side of these comprasions, good or bad.

1st Game Developers Online Choice AwardsAudience Reward
The Game AwardE-sports Game of The Year
Gamespy Gamers’ Choice Awards 2009Audience Reward
Golden Joystick AwardBest Free Game Rewad
IGN PC Best Strategy Game 2009Audience Reward

We have compiled just a few of the most valuable awards that League of Legends has won for you.

Who Owns Riot Games?

Founded in 2006, Riot Games is a subsidiary of Tancent, a Chinese company since 2011. According to the latest announced number, Riot Games has 2500 employees in different countries. League of Legends is not the only game of the US-based company.

Riot Games, which started to buy different companies to develop its games, has recently cooperated with Pure Bang Games.

Who Owns Pure Bang Games?

Pure Bang Games is a subsidiary that Riot Games recently acquired. He works under Riot Games company specifically to develop arcade games. Thanks to Pure Bang Games, many new games have entered our lives and continue to enter.

Other Games From Riot Games

We said that League of Legends is not the only game Riot Games. Riot Games has many different games, either from the same universe or from other universes. Here are the other games of Riot Games;

League of LegendsMOBARiot Games
Astro TeemoArcadePure Bang Games
Cho’gath Eats the WorldArcade Pure Bang Games
Ziggs Arcade BlastArcade Pure Bang Games
Star Guardian: InsomniaShoot’em upRiot Games
Project.exacuteShoot’em upRiot Games
Super Zac BallE-SporRiot Games
Teamfight TacticsAuto BattlerRiot Games
Legends of RuneterraAuto BattlerRiot Games
Valorant FPS Riot Games
League of Legends: Wild RiftMOBARiot Games
League of Legends: E-Spor ManagerSimilation***
Games From Riot Games

There are no clear statements about the simulation and MMORPG game yet, but we are looking forward to both games. It would be really nice to play an MMORPG, especially by Riot Games.





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