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Where Is The Borderlands 3 Black Market Location?

Where is the Borderlands 3 black market location? Borderlands players are wondering where is the Borderlands 3 black market location. Players who ask this question every week to get quality loot are currently rising to the top of the Google trends list. If you are need to know where the black market is and what loot it contains, let’s get to the point.

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Where Is The Borderlands 3 Black Market Location?

One of the most asket questions for the Borderlands 3 game is where is the black market. People regularly ask this question because the location of the market changes once you go to the market. Week by week we will tell you where the black market will be and what loot it contains.

The black market is a very important NPC for Borderlands. The black market is one of the most important ways to strengthen our weapons and armor, invest in our armor and reach the loot that we can’t normally find.

Where Is Maurice Black Market This Week?

Again, one of the most frequently asket questions is where is Maurice black market this week. The Maurice black market is no more important than any other grocery store, but the loot it contains may be of more used to the players. So where is the Borderlands 3 black market location for Maurice?

Where Is The Borderlands 3 Black Marked Location?
Where Is The Borderlands 3 Black Marked Location?

Borderlands 3 Black Market Loots

1Redline, Kyb’s Worth, Double Penetrating, Breath of the DyingAmbermire
2Lyuda, Kaos, HexAscension Bluff
3Bangarang, Bitch, FaisorLectra City
4Krakatoa, Black Hole, TrevonatorTazendeer Ruins
5Conference Call, Sickle, FloodCarnivora
6Night Hawkin, AutoAime, HellshockThe Anvil
7Mutant, Flakker, Laser-SploderSkywell-27
8Nemesis, Recursion, LightshowKondr’s Hold
9Crossbow, Garcia, Plus UltraThe Pyre of Stars
10Cutsman, King’s Call, Madcap, Queen’s CallThe Droughts
11Ogre, Free Radical, BrainstormerAtlas HQ
12Nagata, AAA, Lucian’s CallBlackbarrel Cellars
13Hornet, Carrier, InfinityVoracious Canopy
14Sawbar, Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair, Face-puncherDesolation’s Edge
15Scourge, Maggie, ImpalerMeridian Outskirts
16Crossroad, Rowan’s Call, ShredifierVoracious Canopy
17Tankman’s Shield, The Butcher, Predatory LendingDesolation’s Edge
18Tiggs Boom, Ripper, FloodMeridian Outskirts
19Frozen Heart, Magnificent, HeadsplosionDevil’s Razor
20Dna, Bearcat, FastballCathedral of the Twin Gods
21The Lob, Oldrdian, MonocleAthenas
22Hellfire, Lead Sprinkler, Messy BreakupJakobs Estate
23Kings Call, Sledge’s Shotgun, Handsome Jackhammer, Queens CallMeridian Metroplex
24ASMD, Barrage, MoonfireSpinterlands
25Damned, Smart Gun XXL, RefluxFloodmoor Basin
26Ruby’s Wrath, The Horizon, The Tidal WaveNeon Arterial
27Warlord, Surge, MongolLectra City
28Woodblocker, Julliet’s Dazzle, PlaguebearerAscension Bluff
29Kaoson, Firestorm, The Dictator, StormThe Pyre of Stars
30Hellwalker, Firestorm, Creeping DeathAmbermire
31Sandhawk, Embrace the Pain, Red QueenKonrad’s Hold
32The Duc, Hyperfocus XZ41, RedistributorThe Droughts
33Bekah, Quasar, Baby MakerJacobs Estate
34AAA, Nagata, Lucian’s CallMeridian Outskirts
35Vanquisher, Tran-fusion, Blood-Starved BeastCathedral of the Twin Gods
36Breath of the Dying, Redline, Kyb’s WorthAtlat HQ
37Hellfire, Lead Sprinkler, Messy Break UpVoracious Canopy
38Long Musket, Gatling Gun, Light ShowThe Pyre of Stars
39The Lob, Monocle, OldridianLectra City
40The Duc, Brainstormer, HyperfocusKondrad’s Hold
Borrderlands 3 Black Market Loots

We tried to share with you what we know about Borderlands 3 black market. If you found what you were looking for, keep following us.





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