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Where Is Gorm AC Valhalla?

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is one of the most popular RPG game in the world. We love to ride around the map and do quests, but sometimes we get lost. We will guide you so that you don’t get lost in Hunter of Beast mission. Where is Gorm AC Valhalla?

Where is Gorm AC Valhalla?
Where is Gorm AC Valhalla?

Where is Gorm AC Valhalla?

If you are working on Hunter of Beast mission, we are here to help you about find Gorm. Hunter of Beast is one of the main quest in AC Valhalla, so you have to do this quest. Normally, the quest asks to us to tour all the camps and find and assassinate Gorm. But AC Valhalla’s map is not a small one. Instead of visiting all the camps one by one, it will make your job easier to go to the camp where Gorm is.

Gorm will be at Narfljot Camp on the far left (west most) of the map. If you want to see where Narfljot Camp is, you can zoom in on the map. The names of the camps will appear when you zoom in on the map.

Gorm will be in the middle of the Narfljot Camp, assassinate him and don’t forget to take proof.

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Hunter of Beasts AC Valhalla

When you finish Hunter of Beasts quest and talk to the NPC who gave you the quest, you will return to England. If you want to go back for loot, you can. Don’t be afraid to change maps.

We hope you can do the mission easily.





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