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Where Are The Seismometers In Fortnite?

Where are the seismometers in Fortnite, many Fortnite players wondering about this question. Fortnite has missions that players should complete. We are going to review a NPC’s quest, which is one of the Chapter 3 quests. (NPC: The Scientist)

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Where Are The Seismometers In Fortnite?

In the task given to you by The Scientist, you are asked to find three different seismometers. The only problem here is that you have to find 3 seismometers in the same match. In this post, we will tell you where to find the three seismometers required in the task. We hope that thanks to us, you will complete the task faster.

Where Are The Seismomoters In Fortnite?
Where Are The Seismometers In Fortnite?

Locations Of Seismometers

You can look at the map we shared with you to find the locations of the seismometers more easily. The locations of all seismometers are marked on the map. For the fastest and easiest way to find three seismometers, we recommend looking at the top-left of the map. You can set off from LogJam Lumberyard to go to the (top-left)northwest.

  • You can see that LogJam Lumberyard has many seismometers.
  • For seismometer #4, head west on the LogJam and find the seismometer at the top.
  • To finish the mission as soon as possible, continue south-west and cross the river.
  • At the end of the river you will find seismometer #5.
  • Don’t stop, mission not finished yet. Climb the hill you see to your south-west and find seismometer #6.

We tried to explain the easiest route for you to complete the quest as quickly as possible. You can also go look for whichever seismometers on the map are easier for you.

See you in other missions.





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