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When Is Zeri Released Date? New Champion Zeri

When is Zeri released date, if you are wondering about it, you are in the perfect place. We are here with the 158th champion of League of Legends. New champion is a marksman and is in zaun. Let’s examine new league of legends champion down to the smallest detail and answer that when is Zeri released date?

When Is Zeri Released Date
When Is Zeri Released?

When Is Zeri Released Date?

Zeri will be released with 12.2 patch. We don’t know the exact date, but we are sure that it will come with the 12.2 patch. Riot Games made the announcement with this statement.

The 12.2 patch is expected to arrive on January 19-20. So if you are want to know when is Zeri released date, we can say that Zeri will released by January 21 at the least.

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Zeri League of Legends New Champion

Everything we know about Zeri; First of all, Zeri is from Zaun. Child of a working family. In other words, it is very likely that we will see Zeri’s childhood in the new season of Arcane. Because she is fighting chemistry barons. Why do we see her childhood, because she is a little younger.

Zeri’s childhood is spent trying to cope with the power she has. Zeri is radiating electricity. Zeri, who experiences her emotional change very quickly, harms her surroundings when she experiences bursts of anger. For example, electricity poles explode, the city’s electricity is cut off etc. Zeri is condemned to live with her chaotic power for years.

We know that Zeri will have a custom-made weapon. (Zeri will be a marksman) The weapon’s ammo will be Zeri’s emotions. The barrel of the gun is powered by Zeri’s electricity.

Also, Zeri is similar to the new champion in Valorant.

Zeri Abilities

There is no explanation about Zeri’s abilities yet, but we would like to share our predictions with you. First of all, we expect Zeri to be an active champion. So most likely the ”e” ability is a skill like the Kennen’ ”e” ability or Senna’s ”w”. We know that it can create an electric field and gain invisibility. That’s why we likened it to Senna’s ”w”.

In her story, she was able to control his strength better when she wore a vest. Zeri might be able to control his special gun better by using her ultimate. Increases such as damage and range can be experienced. It was also rumored that she would have an ability that recharges as she moves.

We will continue to update our post about Zeri. Don’t forget fallow us.

Zeri Abilities After Last Video

As we understand from the video, Zeri’s passive is the change of her weapon and basics after using skill.

The e skill is a dash ability, as we predicted, but a little different. Once we press the e, Zeri just dashes, and when we hold it, she can jump over even the highest walls, like Talon.

Zeri creates an electric field with her ultimate. We guessed this ability correctly. Enemy champions within the field don’t seem to take much damage, Zeri gets stronger. Her attack speed increases in the area, her hits change and pierces through. (Like Graves or static dagger etc.)

We will contunie to update ”when is Zeri released date” posts as new informations comes in.





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