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When Is Destiny 2 Weekly Reset?

As with many online games, updates are being made in Destiny 2. Thanks to these weekly updates, the games remain dynamic and players are provided with the maximum experience. Destiny 2 players are wondering when the weekly updates will be released. So, when is Destiny 2 weekly reset?

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When Is Destiny 2 Weekly Reset?
When Is Destiny 2 Weekly Reset?

When Is Destiny 2 Weekly Reset?

Destiny 2 updates happen every week on Tuesdays. Thanks to these weekly updates, bugs in the game are fixed, balances are made and there may be new features added.

What Time Does Destiny 2 Reset?

Gamers are wondering what time does Destiny 2 reset. These updates are always every week on Tuesday at 5 pm UTC, 5 pm GPT, 6 pm CEST, 9 am PDT…

Destiny 2 Maintenance

With these weekly maintenance, the errors in the game are resolved, and the issues that the players complain about are tried to be balanced. Although most players are uncomfortable with this situation, as long as you know when the maintenance will be, you should not encounter a problem of not being able to enter the game. There is scheduled maintenance every Tuesday at 5 pm.

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