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When Did CSGO Come Out?

CSGO was come out by Valve. After Valorant, the most played FPS game is CSGO. Naturally, gamers wonder when did CSGO come out?

What makes CSGO different from other firts-person-shoot games is classicism. Unlike other FPS games, more natural and classic so we can say that more realistic. Knowing the game and aiming well is not enough to survive. You should also get on very well with your teammates and follow professional matches.

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When Did CSGO Come Out?
When Did CSGO Come Out?

When Did CSGO Come Out?

Counter Strike:Global Offensive come out August 21, 2012. Before the end of its 2013 come out, Counter Strike:Global Offensive reached 20 million registered players. According to the conditions of the period, this number was a great number.

How Many People Play CS:GO In 2022?

The year 2022 will be very productive for both FPS lovers and other players. There are those who think that the fact that Valorant is free and new games are released may reduce the number of CS:GO players. Despite all this, we think that the number of Counter Strike Global Offensive players will at least remain the same, or even increase. If you want to know that how many people play CS:GO in 2021, Counter Strike has 20 million monthly active players.





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