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When Did Among Us Get Popular?

When did Among Us get popular? Now that players are starting to ask this question, games like Among Us are on the rise again. With the release of Among Us in 2018, the already popular multiplayer party game genre has peaked.

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When Did Among Us Get Popular?
When Did Among Us Get Popular?

When Did Among Us Get Popular?

One of the most important reasons why Among Us is popular is that it is suitable for platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. People loved watching Among Us on the platforms where they watched gameplay videos. As in every game enjoyed by the audience, there was an explosion of players in Among Us.

Both viewers played Among Us, and publishers paid more attention to Among Us. The word that can best summarize this situation is ”snowball effect”.

When Did Among Us Release?

Among us release date is 15, June 2018. Among Us has been loved by players since its release. It never stopped being updated by its makers. Among Us, where new roles and new missions come every day, climbs to the top again with the updates that come just when the number of players has decreased.

Is Among Us Dead Yet?

As we said before, Among Us will not end as new updates come. It seems that we will ask whether Among Us, which is played on almost every platform, is dead for a long time, because the life of this game will be longer than many similar games.

Games Like Among Us

We will try to rank games similar to Among Us for you. The list consists entirely of games we play ourselves. Therefore, there may be some deficiencies or emotional approaches.

  • Pummel Party
  • Secret Hitler
  • Vampire-Villager
  • Project Winter
  • Town of Salem
  • Feign
  • Secret Neighbor

We think we have given some great suggestions especially for you to play with your friend. Stay tuned.





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