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What Is Double Movement In Fortnite?

Fortnite support team announced that they allow players to use 3rd party software to perform double movement. Right, but what is double movement in Fortnite? This is one of the most asked questions lately.

Dual motion was already available for players using controller, but not for keyboard players. After intense objections from players playing Fortnite with a keyboard on their PC, Epic Games announced that it has made a new decision.

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What Is Double Movement In Fortnite?
What Is Double Movement In Fortnite?

What Is Double Movement In Fortnite?

Epic Games decided that players can use 3rd party software platforms for double movement. Double movement is a very important mechanic, especially for shooter and battle-royale games. We can say the following about the double action: It will be a great innovation even for the professional arena.

Basically, the double movement is that players can move diagonally while looking ahead.

What Is Double Movement?

Double movement allows you to go diagonally in the direction you want, regardless of the direction you are looking at. Thanks to the double movement, you can move faster and watch your surroundings. This feature, which also reduces your chances of being hit by an enemy, will be very critical in both normal games and competitive games.

Professional players spoke very positively about the double act. Especially, ensuring the equality between the platforms made many players happy. We hope you get used to the new feature quickly. Using the double move will add variety to your gameplay.

We tried to explain what is double movement in Fortnite. We will continue to update our article as new explanations come. If you are curious about what is double movement in Fortnite, stay following us.





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