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PUBG 2 Release Date – Rumors and News

When PUBG was first released in 2007, no one expected the game to grow this big. Even KRAFTON, Bluehole as it was then called. Today, the PUBG community is so big that even the rumors of PUBG 2 are effective. Everyone is wondering about PUBG 2 release date.

There is no official statement yet, but we can say that easily, there are many rumors and news. So we are here to share them with you PUBG followers. We will continue to update our post as new information comes in. If you hear a rumor, please share it with us.

PUBG 2 Release Date

After the phenomenal success of PUBG, it’s no surprise that there were rumors about the PUBG 2. We think that the game will be released in 2022. Krafton is working on PUBG 2, but they are busy these days. PUBG 2 is not the only game they plan to release in 2022. Krafton have been working on a survival-horror game for a long time, Callisto Protocol.

Krafton is also working on with the PUBG: New State. This is why most people think PUBG 2 will be delayed. But we still hopeful, because of rumors.

PUBG 2 Release Date

PUBG 2 Platforms

We said that we don’t know the exact release date of PUBG 2. But which platforms the game will be released for was leaked by a former employee. PUBG 2 will be playable on PC, PS and Xbox.

Is PUBG Cross Platform?

No official statement has been made about this yet. But yes, we think it will be cross-platform, only between consoles like PUBG. It means if you are playing PUBG or PUBG 2 on your PS, you can play with an Xbox PUBG player.

When an official statement comes, we will share the system requirements for both Callisto Protocol and PUBG 2 with you.





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