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Is PUBG On Switch?

PUBG is one of the most played battle-royale games in the world. The game was so popular that it was released for almost every platform. Now players are wondering, is PUBG available on Switch?

Is PUBG On Switch?
Is PUBG On Switch?

Is PUBG On Switch?

Nintendo Switch seems to be preferred by even more players in the near future. Well, is PUBG available on Switch? No, you can’t play PUBG on switch. PUBG is avaliable on many platforms; Android, iOS, PC, PS, Google Stadia, Xbox. There is even a cross-platform for many platforms. But now, PUBG is not avaliable on switch.

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Will Be PUBG On Switch?

We don’t have any definite information about this yet. If KRAFTON Inc makes a statement on this matter, we will continue to update it. If we have to say our opinion, it won’t be long before PUBG comes out for Switch. The company, which spends time on New State and F2P PUBG, will get rid of the workload after about 1-2 months. Maybe it will be a good opportunity to release PUBG to Switch.





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