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Is Jinx In Fortnite?

After the Arcane, which was fallowed with interest in animation lovers, the Jinx skin came to Fortnite. The new Jinx skin was loved by gamers. Despite all this, players cannot find the Jinx skin in the market. Fortnite’s lovers have been asking this question nowadays, has the Jinx costume been removed? There are two questions we need to answer; is Jinx in Fortnite and is Jinx costume removed from Fortnite item shop?

Is Jinx In Fortnite?
Is Jinx In Fortnite?

Is Jinx In Fortnite?

This is the easy one. Yes, Jinx is in Fortnite. After the Arcane, Jinx skin come to Fortnite item shop. Gamers really liked this skin and the skin broke sale records. Her fate was very similar with the Spider-Man skin on sale now. It was published after series/movie and was highly appreciated. But now, we told you. Most players cannot find the Jinx skin in Fortnite item shop.

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Is Jinx Skin Removed?

We can’t say yes to that. Jinx will continue to be played in Fortnite. Just removed from sale. The Fortnite item shop has been updated with the arrival of new costumes for the new season. No more Jinx, there is Spider-Man. Fortnite employee Shiina also announced that the Jinx skin has been removed from Fortnite item shop.

Spider-Man Skin in Fortnite
Spider-Man Skin in Fortnite

Will The Spider-Man Skin Be Removed As Well?

We don’t know, really. But we can say that if you want to play with Spider-Man, you need to hurry.





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