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Is Fortnite Mobile Coming Back?

We will examine a subject that Fortnite fans are curious about. Is Fortnite mobile coming back? Gamers using iPhone are eagerly waiting for the day Fortnite mobile will come bak. Why was Fortnite mobile, the mobile version of the Fortnite, removed? When will Fortnite mobile come back? Will Fortnite coming back? We will try to answer all your questions about Fortnite mobile.

Is Fortnite Mobile Coming Back
Is Fortnite Mobile Coming Back

Is Fortnite Mobile Coming Back

There are almost no rumors about it. Epic Games could not reach agreement with Apple for legal dispute. We don’t expect the game to return for iOS unless either side steps back. It is very sad that Fortnite, one of the most played games in the world, is in the middle of such a discussion.

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Why Was Fortnite Mobile Removed?

Epic Games removed Fortnite mobile from iOS in 2020. This decision, which was highly objected by the players, was not taken back despite the intense demand. Epic Games didn’t give any explanation as to why the game was removed.

We know that a new engine has been developed for mobile games. For example, PUBG made very ambitious statements on this subject. We hope that when Fortnite Mobile comes again, it will come with new engine quality. So, will Fortnite mobile come back for iOS?

If you want to know more about it, stay following us. We will continue to update this post as new rumors come in.





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