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Is Brawl Stars Down?

If you can read this post, but you can’t play Brawl Stars, we can say that there is a problem you have. You may be experiencing the connecting error, which is one of the most disliked things by game lovers.

You are sure that the game and your device are up-to-date, the issue is server related. So you have to wait for the support team to fix the problem.

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Is Brawl Stars?

Yes, it is. If you try to enter Brawl Stars now, you will see a ”login failed” error. But, don’t worry. Everyone has that problem. The official Brawl Stars Twitter account announced a maintenance and entries will open soon.

Is Brawl Stars Down?
Is Brawl Stars Down?

How Long Is Brawl Stars Downtime?

We said that there was a official statement by the Brawl Stars support team. This indicates that the maintenance was planned. Planned maintenance takes a maximum of one or two hours. We will continue to follow Fortnite’s official accounts and keep you informed.

Brawl Stars Maintenance 04/01

Let’s look at what to do in the maintenance that caused us to wait;

  • Fixed issue with Duels where you could be matched up against bots in high ranks.
  • Grom’s Super now charges his super 1% more. This is to avoid situations where the Super was 1 pixel away to be charged.
  • Friendly PL matches do not count for profile 3v3 wins anymore.

We are sure these fixes will be worth the wait.





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