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How To Spectate In Fortnite?

Trendy lately: Watching games. Some of us prefer to watch rather than play games. Especially with platforms such as Twitch, the trend that enters our lives continues to grow. But some games don’t use the spectating system. How to spectate in Fortnite? Does Fortnite have a spectating system?

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How To Spectate In Fortnite?
How To Spectate In Fortnite?

Spectating In Fortnite

Spectating a friend’s game was removed late in the first season. So you can’t spectate your friends’ games. How was spectating a game before it was removed. If your friend has already started a game, it was enough to click the watch button after joining the lobby.

If your friend was in an active lobby, you had to enter the lobby and click the “sitting out” button. After a delay of 2-3 minutes, which was put in order to prevent cheaters and whistleblowers, a button called “watch the game” appeared. That way, you could watch your friend play.

Spectating a stranger’s game has never been possible. The only way to spectate a stranger’s game is to use Twitch and YouTube.

How To Spectate In Fortnite?

If one day spectating system returns to Fortnite, you’ve learned how to use it. When spectating players who play better than you, we recommend that you look at what they didn’t do, not what they did.

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