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How To Slide Cancel In Warzone?

Slide and Slide cancel are very important in FPS games like Warzone. How to make these moves, which are necessary for more tactical combat? Recently, Warzone players have been looking for an answer to the following question, how to slide cancel in Warzone? Let’s answer this question.

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How To Slide Cancel In Warzone?
How To Slide Cancel In Warzone?

How To Slide Cancel In Warzone?

To make slide cancel in Warzone, you should first research according to the system you use. If you are using controller, simply do the following;

  • Enter the left analog stick twice.
  • You should press the crouch button to start the slide. (Circle or B)
  • Press the same button again for cancel slide as soon as the slide animation starts. (Circle or B)
  • Press to jump button to stay up. (A)

You can train your hand by repeating the above-mentioned key combination over and over. We are sure, it will come in handy in many places while playing Warzone. Let’s move on for mouse & keyboard users;

  • Press the left shift twice. (Left shift key should be set to sprint)
  • Press left ctrl to start slide.
  • To stop the slide animation, press left ctrl again as soon as the animation starts.
  • Press jump button to stand up, spacebar

Also, activating Auto Tactical Slide for all controllers will strengthen your move. You can find this option in game settings. You can change the Circle/B key setting to R3/RS to make the slide cancel move more tactical. This way you don’t have to take your finger off the trigger.





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