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How To Change Name On PUBG Mobile?

PUBG players have been searching this question the most lately, how to change name on PUBG mobile? If you are wondering the answer to this, we will help you. When you do the following one by one, you can easily change your name.

PUBG is a game that has been constantly updated since its first release in 2017. When it was first published, renaming was free. With the new updates, the name changing system has changed. We have researched for you how to change name on PUBG mobile for the last update.

How To Change Name On PUBG Mobile?
How To Change Name On PUBG Mobile?

How To Change Name On PUBG Mobile?

You need a rename card to change your name in PUBG mobile. Unfortunately, you cannot change your name, if you don’t have rename card. You don’t need to be upset. KRAFTON has made a nice announcement for those who want to change their name like you. Now let’s tell you how to change your name with no rename card. We will also touch on what to do without a rename card.

  • Run PUBG.
  • Login to your account.
  • Click on the inventory tab on the main screen. (the one we marked red in picture)
  • Enter the chest sign at the bottom-right. (the one we marked yellow in picture)
  • Find the rename card and use it.
  • Now, you can change your name.

If you have a rename card, we have explained how to change your name in PUBG.

Can I Change PUBG Name Free?

Yes, you can change your PUBG name without pay. We will share with you the free use ways of the rename card, which is normally sold for 80 UC.

How To Get Free Rename Card in PUBG?

We told you, you need a rename card to change your name in PUBG. We also want to tell you how to get the rename card. You don’t need to pay anything for the name change card. Completely free purchase methods;

  • PUBG Mobile gives you comeback rewards if you don’t log into the game for a month. One of these rewards is the free rename card.
  • Events are essential to earning renaming cards.
  • If your clan level is enough, there will be rename cards in the clan shop.
  • You can use redeem codes. Free Redeem Codes For PUBG
  • If you complete the tenth level of the tutorial missions, you will receive a renaming card as the reward.

Rename cards are timed, don’t be late to change your PUBG name.

PUBG Stylish Name

PUBG is a game where we jump to an island with many people. We loot on the island, we try to get weapons, we escape from the gas. We are trying to survive. It’s up to us, to fight or make deals with the other players we come across.

The easiest way to make a deal is to have a convincing, cool name. The easiest way to fight is to scare the opponent with a charismatic and powerful name. That’s why PUBG stylish names are so important.

We talked about how to change name on PUBG and PUBG mobile, how to get free rename codes and what does stylish names do. We hope we have helped. The post will continue to update. Keep following us.





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