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Fortnite Presents Guide

If you want to get all the Winterfast 21 gifts, you are where you need to be. You can get ony one present per day. But do you want to win the best prizes? If your answer is yes, you are in the right place.

Fortnite All Presents

Fortnite Presents Guide
Fortnite Presents Guide

#Day Define – Loot

Day 1 – Purple square box leftmost – Holly Hatchets

Day 2 – Red box bigger than gumbo – Snowplow pickaxe

Day 3 – Orange that is bigger than aura – Krisabelle skin

Day 4 – Box in the ice cube – Peely skin

Day 5 – Red Box – Choice emotes – It’s Perfect emoticon

Day 6 – Orange box bigger than gumbo – Banner Icon

Day 7 – Red box taller than gumbo – Sentinel Glider

Day 8 – Green and black box – Wooly Weapon Wrap

Day 9 – Square grey – Loot in the Mountains music

Day 10 – Present on the bookshelf – Bombastic Winterfest spray

Day 11 – Big Purple box – Aurora Arc contrail

Day 12 – Small purple box – Twinkly Weapon Wrap

Day 13 – Tall grey box – You Better Watch Out loading screen

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Fortnite Presents Guide

As we said before, you can receive a gift every day. That’s why you need to take care to buy the right gift. We hope you find the best gifts until December 30th. If we can help, it’s okay.

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