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Fortnite News About v19.10 Update

We got some information about v19.10, which is one of the last updates before new season stars. Although these shared information is not certain, we believe that they are correct. If you are wondering about upcoming skins, innovations and items, you are in the right post. Let’s examine;

Fortnite News
Fortnite News

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Fortnite News and Rumors

  • The goal bound set will return to Fortnite Shop, we think, tomorrow. A Fortnite employee shared this image;
The GoalBound Set
The Goal Bound Set
  • Microsoft wants to put more Bethesta characters in Fortnite. These skins are rumored to be added to the game;
more Bethesta characters
More Bethesta Characters

Dishonored, Wolfenstein, Skyrim, Fallout, Doom, Starfield, The Evil Within and Prey

  • We said that Doom Slayer may be coming to Fortnite. (More likely than other Bethesta characters)
  • v19.10 update will be between January 4 and January 11. The reason for the delay is that the Christmas holidays of Epic Games employees end on January 2.

Things that are likely to come before the update drops;

  • New Year Event
  • ”Shield keg” (new healing item)
  • Snow Stealth Slone (may the next crew pack)
  • New emotes
  • Cobra Kai Collaboration

We will continue to share new Fortnite rumors with you. The information we provide is not official, just rumors. Continue to follow us.

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