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Chamber Valorant

Valorant is one of the most played FPS game in the world. Although it is an FPS game, it is playing with different abilities and different champions. That’s why we play Valorant. Endless variation… Riot Games adds another new champion to this diversity. Chamber Valorant is our new character.

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Chamber Valorant Skills

Our new character, Chamber, fight with unique weapons. Chamber’s own guns are a relief to the team economy. Chamber can be a good sniper. Let’s examine their abilities;

  • C – Trademark: We can get two of this ability. One C is 150 credits. C slows a certain area, and you don’t need to be close to that area. Place a trap and catch your enemies.
  • Q – Headhunter: Chamber gets a gun, shotgun and pistol mixed. Headhunter has 8 bullets in total, each bullet is 100 credits. When your economy is not enough, you can use this ability and make a full buy. Or you can play with Headhunter for 800 credits and buy a weapon for your teammates.
  • E – Rendezvous: Rendezvous is a basically a teleport ability. It is very fast to other teleport skills in the game and can be again and again. You build a turret and teleport to it. If you want, you can install the turret on a high place and go up. It’s a free Jett’s jump, we can say that.
  • X – Tour de Force: Tour de Force is another special weapon. A very powerful operator with 5 bullets. This ability can be a very important strategy to fix the team economy. Can be combo with Rendezvous, shoot and tp.
Chamber Valorant
Chamber Valorant

When we look at the capabilities of Chamber, we see that he will be a very significant operator user. He will be very important, especially for professionals. Having such an impact on the team economy can make him a very critical.

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We look forward to seeing what you do with Chamber.





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