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Apex Legends News

Apex Legends is one of the most played games in the world. If you’re one of those gamers who like competitive environment, variety and pace, you must be thinking like us. We have announced that the mobile version of the game will be released, now we will talk about new updates and news, Apex Legends News.

Apex Legends News
Apex Legends News

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Apex Legends News

1-The rank split updading. So your rank have been reset and storm points is no longer the map you will play on ranked. If you didn’t know this ranked arena has been reset, we are sorry. Your ranks now gone. But Apex tweeted out earlier yesterday;

” Our annual end-of-year sale hit the in-game store. You can snag some skins like Real Steel Fuse, Blue Bomber Valkyrie today.

2-It has been announced that players who are given the wrong costume (Wattson heirloom) will be given a package as compensation.

3-It has been announced that there are connection problems in the new season. The issue is being resolved as quickly as possible. (resolved with the update)

4-Respawn is working on improving the matchmaking system in the game.

5-Apex is working on new regulations to prevent cheaters.

We will continue to alert you about each new update. If you want to fallow official Respawn Twitter account, you can Click here.




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