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ACNH Bug List – All Bugs in ACNH

On of the most played games recently, ACNH makes a difference with its animal diversity. Well, isn’t it hard to play the game in such a variety? Let’s examine the acnh bug list we have prepared for you.

ACNH Bug List - All Bugs in ACNH
ACNH Bug List – All Bugs in ACNH

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ACNH Bug List – All Bugs in ACNH

Acnh bug list we have compiled for you acnh lovers;

Bug NameSell PriceLocation
Common Butterfly160Flying
Yellow Butterfly16Flying
Tiger Butterfly240Flying
Peacock Butterfly2500Flowers
Common Bluebottle300Flying
Paper Kite Butterfly1000Flowers
Great Purple Emperor3000Flowers
Monarch Butterfly140Flowers
Emperor Butterfly4000Flowers
Agrias Butterfly3000Flowers
Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing2500Flowers
Queen Alexandra’s Birdwing4000Flowers
Atlas Moth3000Trees
Madagascan Sunset Moth2500Flowers
Long Locust250On the ground
Migratory Locust600On the ground
Rice Grasshopper400On the ground
Grasshopper160On the ground
Cricket130On the ground
Bell Cricket430On the ground
Orchid Mantis2400Flowers
Brown Cicada250Trees
Robust Cicada300Trees
Giant Cicada400Trees
Walker Cicada500Trees
Evening Cicada400Trees
Cicada Shell10Trees
Red Dragonfly180Flying
Darner Dragonfly230Flying
Banded Dragonfly4500Flying
Mole Cricket500Dig up from the ground
Pondskater130Water’s Surface
Diving Beetle800Water’s Surface
Giant Water Bug —-2000Water’s Surface
Scorpion8000On the ground
Tarantula8000On the ground
Centipede300Underneath rocks
Pill Bug250Underneath rocks
Snail250On rocks
Flea70On villagers
Fly60Trash items
Wharf Roach200Found at the beach
Hermit Crab1000Found at the beach
Walking Leaf600Trees
Walking Stick600Trees
Horned Hercules12000Trees
Horned Elephant8000Trees
Horned Atlas8000Trees
Horned Dynastid1200Trees
Giraffe Stag12000Trees
Golden Stag12000Palm Trees
Cyclommatus Stag8000Palm Trees
Rainbow Stag6000Palm Trees
Giant Stag10000Trees
Miyama Stag1000Trees
Saw Stag2000Palm Trees
Goliath Beetle8000Trees
Drone Beetle200Trees
Scarab Beetle10000Trees
Earth-Boring Dung Beetle300Snowball
Dung Beetle3000Palm Trees
Blue Weevil Beetle350Trees
Rosalia Batesi Beetle450Trees
Citrus Long-Horned Beetle2400Trees
Violin Beetle1500Trees
Jewel Beetle200On the ground
Tiger beetle1000Flowers
Man-Faced Stink Bug1000Flowers
ACNH Bug List – All Bugs in ACNH

We have listed the bugs in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons for you. If our list was helpful we would like to make other list as well. You can write your opinion in the comments.





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